Meet Daia Larie


Hi, I'm Daia Larie, a 23-Year-old Travel Blogger from Los Angeles now living in Sydney, Australia. I am a Full-Time Videographer and Travel Blogger and I've been motivated enough to turn my ambitious dreams into a life I'm so proud of. This is how I became a full-time adventure seeker, fashion lover, and wandering soul.


I began my travel journey in February 2017 with only $1200 to my name. I had no plan just a craving to explore the world. I gave up all the comforts of home and began backpacking alone staying in hostels, eating dry cereal, and getting my self stuck in Europe after running out of money in just two months. Although it was one of the most nerve-wracking times of my life I was determined to keep traveling. I picked up a camera for the first time and found creative and fun ways to make money while I traveled around Europe and Asia.


With a lot of hard work, no sleep, and a love for my new found passion I was able to build a brand I had no idea I would ever have. I have been to over 21 counties, stayed in some of the most amazing hotels, met so many new people, and have worked with some fantastic companies. 


I've been roaming the globe for the past three years capturing beautiful moments and discovering myself as a solo traveler. I started and Discover Life Retreats wanting to share my journey, and encourage people never to let fear, money, or objects hold you back from reaching your goals. I hope my stories can inspire you to see the world and live a life you love.


-Daia Larie

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