About Me

Hi, I'm Daia Larie, a 20-Year-old from Los Angeles. 

I am an adventure seeker, fashion enthusiast, and wandering soul. I began my travel journey in February 2017 with only $1200 to my name. I had no plan just a crave to explore the world. I gave up all the comforts of home and began traveling alone staying in hostels, eating dry cereal, and running out of money after two months of course.


With a lot of hard work, no sleep, and passion I was able to build a brand I had no idea I would ever have. I have been to over 18 counties this year, met so many new people, and have worked with some fantastic companies.


I now am a videographer and blogger. I started DaiaLarie.com wanting to share my journey, and encourage people never to let fear or objects hold you back from reaching your goals. I hope my stories can inspire you to see the world and live a life you love.




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