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Discover Life Retreats is a worldwide travel community giving entrepreneurs the opportunity to build friendships, learn about influencer marketing, brand collaborations, photography, and discover the world. Discover Life Retreats was founded by Daia Larie to bring together amazing likeminded people on an adventure of a lifetime. 



Our Retreats are getaways set in beautiful destinations around the world. We offer a range of trips meeting every traveler's need. Whether you want to build relationships with other like-minded individuals,  improve your social media presence, immerse yourself in another culture, learn the basics of photography, go on an epic adventure, or relax, we have a getaway for you!



The participants who join the retreats are women and men from all around the world. Each participant has different skills and goals. Yet, each one has a strong desire to learn, travel, and experience life from a different perspective.


Nija Sym,


"Daia’s Discover Life retreat was such an amazing experience! It was my first time traveling out of the country without my family, but I took a leap of faith because I knew I would learn so much from this trip and I did. Social influencing, social media marketing, photography, traveling affordably, it was such a treat! We saw so many breathtaking sights from the adventurous rice fields, to the tricky monkeys of the Uluwatu Temples. The beaches were relaxing and the city life was so unique! There was also lots of opportunities to venture off on our own adventures like the spa fish pedicures, and peaceful yoga classes with Bali’s finest. I would definitely suggest embarking on your very own journey with Discover Life, if the gorgeous villas don’t sell you, the amazing friendships and stunning pictures you’ll keep forever will."




"Discover life retreats with Daia was such an amazing experience for me. After spending a week with the girls I was left feeling so inspired, uplifted and ready to take on the world!!! Daia is such a breath of fresh of air. She is a super blogger, photographer, teacher and mentor. She has lots to offer, teach you and best of all is that... she does it so well! My fear in joining the retreat was that I had invested in something that would put me at a loss but I actually gained so much more. For those interested in the world of blogging and travel, the experience is truly insightful. I had an incredible time. Thank you for hosting me Daia! If you’re considering it ...go for it!"

Taylor Reese,


"Discover life retreats is the perfect opportunity  to experience life in another country and truly immerse yourself in their culture. All while gaining valuable knowledge and sharing life changing moments with great people. If you're considering booking a trip, GO FOR IT!"

Dava Thompson,


"From the pick up at the airport to the time i was dropped back off a week later i had 0 problems! This Bali retreat was hands down one of the best trips of my life and i still to this day always talk about it. Daia has the hookups when it comes to the best spots to eat, take remarkable pictures, and even places to party. Every moment was enjoyable for me and I’m forever grateful for this experience. If i could rate this trip out of 5 stars I’d give it an 8 . HIGHLY recommend to Anyone looking for the time of their lives. "


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Have you ever thought about becoming a blogger, photographer, or videographer? Have you ever wondered how you can travel full time and earn money online? Well, Discover Life Retreats is a getaway for you.

Discover Life Retreats brings like-minded entrepreneurs from around the world to explore fabulous destinations. During our weeklong trip, you will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in a new culture, meet lifelong friends, and learn new skills that will help you start a successful online brand. During each retreat, the DLR founder (Daia Larie) and one other social media expert will teach you useful skills to help you become a digital nomad. You'll learn photography, blogging, social media marketing, brand collaborations, videography, and more. They will help you work towards your business and travel goals every step of the way. When you join a trip with Discover Life Retreats, you gain the knowledge and confidence you need to become your own boss and start a new, remote, and successful business.

Daia Larie

"My biggest reason for creating this community was to give people the opportunity to travel, connect, and learn. The best way to succeed as a blogger is to have all the necessary skills to improve your social media presence, and that's what we teach on these retreats. You learn to grow your brand while discovering the world. It's honestly a fantastic feeling to have so many gifted individuals join the retreats."

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Guest Host

Each guest host is an expert in either photography, blogging, youtube, videography, etc. Making each retreat unique and different from the last. The guest host will be teaching you everything about their craft and guiding you to be the best. 

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