My Secrets To Finding Cheap Flights


Have you ever craved traveling to a new destination but let the hefty plane ticket cost hold you back? Well, don't! We all have a travel bucket list, and plane tickets should be the least of your worries when planning a trip. Many websites and apps can help you find affordable flights. The key is to SHOP AROUND. Here is a short list of different apps and sites I use when booking my trips, along with a few tips to keep in mind.

Skyscanner- Admittedly, I use Skyscanner the most when planning my trips. Sky scanner is excellent not only to check flights but also to figure out where to go. They have a fantastic tool that tells you what the cheapest destinations are from your desired location. I once found a roundtrip ticket from Las Vegas to London for only $400.

Kayak - I always recommend to shop around because affordable flights are not the easiest to find so always check Kayak as well. Kayak has a tool that will alert you when the trip you want has gone down in price or if it will go up in price soon.

Airfarewatchdog- Just enter your departing airport, and you will receive an email when they have great deals around your area. (You will have to be flexible with dates when using this site.)

Hipmunk- Sign up for hipmunk if you don't mind receiving emails often. They will send you random one to two-day flash sales, discounts, and percentages off upcoming flights from any airport of your choice.

Google Flights - They have a tool that allows you to put in your departing destination and search everywhere that you want to go. They will show you the cheapest flights in the time you've selected.


1. I recommend using a private browser because some sites may use cookies and will up the price if it sees you looking at a ticket repeatedly.

2. BE FLEXIBLE with your dates, times, and destinations. This is Key to finding affordable flights and destinations.

3. Shop around at ALL of the airline comparison engines. Try to check all five websites listed above for best results.

4. Be open to departing from airports in bigger cities. Larger airports usually have more planes going in and out which can lead to cheaper flights.

5. Try to book redeye and early morning flights. These tend to be more affordable and less crowded.

6. Weekend flights are usually more expensive then midweek. So look at flights leaving Tuesday- Thursday.

7. If you are very flexible, you can fly standby. Just go to the airport and wait until they have available seats at low prices.

8. Always check for any extra fees. (luggage, seats, meals)